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I've been a trainer and leader over the past 14 years and worked with over 1,000 people. One of the most important things I have learned is that people already have the solutions they're looking for in the unconscious part of their minds. They just need help bringing them into their consciousness.

Many years ago, I had a mentor and friend who, in a very short period of time, changed my mindset and understanding of what was possible in life and my career. It gave me the confidence and tools to leave a steady career and jump to a 5-person start up to pursue a passion.

Then it helped me make a bold move to leave THAT great career to pursue an exciting dream as a Real Estate Investor. During that time, there were huge ups and huge downs. Eventually some downs that made me doubt so many of the positive things I believed about myself. And I started to embrace all the negative things I told myself in the back of my mind. When I had almost lost everything was when I turned to my God to search for answers. In as clear of answer as I have received from God, I was prompted to pursue my life's true passion and calling that I had been largely ignoring. I sought out the expert NLP Coach I had met once to have my personal breakthrough and was then trained and certified to do it for others. This is when everything changed.

In real estate we finally sold 2 troubled properties and purchased our first Mobile Home Park, a great cash-flowing asset to start the larger portfolio.

At the same time, while I had been doing this unofficially for years, I started officially working with career professionals who felt stuck like I was, whether that means they were not satisfied with HOW they were doing things and the results they were getting, or not satisfied with WHAT they were doing, and wanted to create change but didn't know how.

My wife and I later decided to sell off most of what we had and move our family of 7 to the island of Puerto Rico. This was the beginning of one of our "someday" goals that we decided to make happen way before "someday". We had always planned to take our 5 kids around the world doing service and getting to know other cultures. What a great way to start. We currently reside in Puerto Rico where we have slowed things down and made some amazing changes to how we prioritize our time. We've never been closer as a family than we are right now. And living next to the beach isn't such a bad thing either!

Just know that I've lived through the stress, anxiety, guilt, frustration, disappointment, fear, and feelings of defeat you may be feeling right now. And I've also found the way out for myself and so many others. And now I am living my dream with my family, serving others, and for the first time feeling truly fulfilled. I can't wait to help you do the same!


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